Sunday, December 1, 2013

Final Project: History Poster

Your assignment is to create a poster defining a subject with historical context.

To attract and inform design and non-design viewers about different aspects of a subject. To generate some interest in what we do, create a poster with impact that communicates an idea. As a design student, gain some knowledge of the subject through research and resources. Present complete and solid content as a result of your findings.

18 x 24 inches
Color: a must
Media: digital

What is Required:
Research the subject
Research printers and print locations, consider lead time and requirements
of the printer
Select two main fonts to be used for text, headlines and informative material.
Images of the subject; one should be a photo, the other should be drawing, painting, illustration, graphic or digital image (created by the artist)
At least one image should be a cut-out
Manage your time

Written statement:
Describe two techniques recently discovered- explain how the techniques were used and explain why you selected the subject for your poster. You can decribe things you discovered, areas that gave you trouble, etc.
300 words, typed and due on 12/19.

The project must have a headline
Body text: there is no limit but it must be comprehensive
12 point Credit-placed in the lower right corner- it should read,
Created by (your name) in Art 125 graphics class; Professor Zeggert

Blk foamboard, flush mount with no borders

What's Due:
Comprehensive: you decide
Final: 12/19, 9 am

Graded on:
Design quality
Level of impact
Requirement not yet determined

Good design:
Good design communicates an idea.
Good design guides, drives, carries the viewer to the central idea of the design.
Good design consists of solid content and visual unity.
Good design states a purpose.
Good design has a focal point.
Good design has a beginning, middle and end.

Good design makes sense of a mass of unrelated needs, ideas, images and typography- meanwhile, never losing sight of the main idea being communicated.